Depression Can

Depression is sitting behind thick glass—a translucent wall. You know the sun is shining, but you cannot feel its warmth. Depression is being a well that’s run dry, seeing everyone’s thirst, and knowing you’re empty. Depression comes like a thief. … Continue reading

You Are

You are a luminous being. The stars seem dim in your light. There is infinite depth to your character. You love like the sun shines.

You are an expansive bridge—a span of great distance and height. You connect me to myself. You carry me across every divide.

You are an inextinguishable fire. Your love is the spark, the fuel, and the fan that feeds the blaze. You consume me with love. You burn like no other flame.

You speak to me without making a sound. Your softest whisper reverberates like a shout. There is power in every word that leaves your tongue. You connect with parts of me so deep, I’m barely aware of them.

You defend me against enemies—even those that can’t be seen. You protect, reinforce, and uphold me. When I am at my weakest, I best see how strong you are. When I collapse under life’s pressures, you carry me on.

I cannot see or touch your face. But I feel your presence in every place. I cannot prove (and sometimes doubt) that you are there. But this world is too grand an entity to have been created by no one and nothing—just spontaneously generated out of less than thin air.

I see your design in a sunrise, a mountain, or a leaf. I am in awe of the ocean. I marvel at a flower’s intricacy.

You are the epitome of love.

You are the meaning of life.

You are the answer to “the big question.”

You are the reason why.