Spring Is Not Subtle

Spring is not subtle with regards to life. With explosions of blossoms it emphatically reminds. It bursts with delicate colors. It pushes through chilled earth. It rains. It shines. It shivers. It warms. – Spring is not a modest season. … Continue reading

There Is Hope in This Day

There is hope in this day. There is joy and laughter and light. There is love in this day, Despite uncertain times. – Some days are darker. Some days mirth is harder to find. Some days leave you spent and … Continue reading

A Riddle: A Poem

It’s in the black and white.

It confirms life.

It’s what is known and seen.

It’s why I’m sure you’re lying to me.

It is in the courtroom.

It is in the darkroom.

It’s in the gray pencil lines of geometry.

It’s why the good wife picks up and leaves.

It’s beyond suspicion.

It’s positive.

It keeps water at bay.

It questions faith.

It is in the bottle.

It is in the pudding.


Music Is Solid

Music is solid.

Music is light.

It is love and fear and anguish.

It is solo and orchestral joy.

Music is every word and every language.

It is blue and orange and green and violet.

Music quenches, sustains, and devours.

It is weakness.

It is power.

Music is the dreaming and the awakening.

It is dance, peace, violence, instrument, and memory.

It is loss, exploration, and discovery.

It is none.

It is every.

Music is for the lonely and for the loved.

For the famous and the forgotten.

It is silence.

It is clamor.

It is patience.

It is anger.

Music is foundation and decoration.

It is worship and defamation.

Music is many.

Music is few.

Music is us—it’s me and you.