An Easy Season to Love

Autumn is an easy season to love. She wraps the leaves of trees in striking colors. Leaves that fall like tinted confetti when their time is done. Falling at the urging of a breeze that may be chilled or warm. … Continue reading


Every Green Thing

Does anything smell superior to a world wet with rain? The verdant saturation of every green thing. – Does anything feel better than the embrace of the sun? Wrapping us in warmth while offering illumination. – Does anything sound sweeter … Continue reading


How Can Anyone?

How can anyone watch snow fall And not believe in miracles? How can someone stand on the shore of the sea And not ponder infinity? How can anyone look at a star-filled sky And accept that we end when we … Continue reading


God in Nature

I am not a scientist, philosopher, or a theologian, but I consider nature to be one of the more compelling proofs of God. My faith falters with regularity, but never while standing before an ocean, a mountain, or a sunset’s … Continue reading


If You Are

If you are the night’s sky, I am the distant star.

If you are the mighty mountain, I am the chiseled rock.

If you are the long winter, I am the flake of snow.

If you are the raging river, I am the flooded shore.


If you are the lush forest, I am the seed of faith.

If you are the promise, I am she who waits.

If you’re the vibrant sunset, I’m the breath that is held.

If you’re the destination, I’m the tentative step.


If you are the orchard at harvest, I am the ripening plum.

If you are the safe haven, I’m the refugee who comes.

If you are forever, I’ll release the hands of the clock.

When yours is the heart that is broken, I’ll be the tear that drops.


Note: This poem was inspired by Octavio Paz’s “Motion” as translated by Eliot Weinberger.



A State of Wonder

There are many things in this world that elicit my awe. I marvel at the ingenuity of mankind as well as the simplicities and complexities of nature. But if I had to select just seven things that bring me to … Continue reading


Perfectly Natural

Have you ever drawn a realistic-looking tree? I haven’t. Creating lifelike visual representations of nature with my own hands (drawing, painting, sculpting) does not come easily to me. I also have a hard time with such things because I’m wired … Continue reading