I Wish for You

I wish for you a life full of loveliness. Whether or not you possess a great amount of wealth, I hope you have unlimited supplies of joy, love, and laughter. I wish for you a lifetime of feeling at peace … Continue reading


I Have Hope

As I contemplate another New Year’s approach, I have hope. There is much that makes me anxious and angry. There is much I don’t understand. There are many I would like to sit in a room and ask to behave … Continue reading


Years of My Life

I recently finished reading through the old entries in my current journal, whose remaining blank pages are quickly waning. The oldest is dated Monday, August 31, 1998. When I wrote that entry, I was on bus from New York City … Continue reading


Hopes, Needs & Wants

Spring always reminds me of what’s possible. It’s difficult not to dream during this season. As branches begin to bear blossoms, I start to think about what I want, hope for, and need. Some people resolve to change in January—to … Continue reading


Hopes & Dreams

I’ve been thinking about this lately: I believe in God, but do I trust Him with my dreams? Can I find more reasons for faith than for doubt? Do I really believe He cares about what I want and won’t take my hopes and dreams away from me—or turn them against me? And if I get that far, can I trust myself? Will I take the steps and leaps of faith required to put myself where I need and want to be? And what about patience? Am I able and willing to wait? Sometimes pursuing a dream feels like doing nothing—or like throwing efforts into an abyss.

I want to be content and ambitious. I want to have my dreams for the future, but without letting them obscure or invalidate how my life looks at the moment. I don’t want “right now” to feel like a letdown in light of my hopes and dreams for tomorrow. I want to be happy with today while looking forward to the future. I don’t want to be so focused on where I want to go in life that I overlook the journey.

Let me not shy away from success or be overburdened by failures. Life will have its challenges—its hard parts—its seasons of darkness. There will be times when my dreams feel foolish and my hopes seem hopeless. But there will also be triumphs and celebrations.

It can be frightening to dream because not all dreams come true. Some dreams fade until they’re forgotten, while others are willfully put aside. But some dreams defy the dreamer—refusing to materialize while also declining to die. Even though dreaming can be difficult, I don’t ever want to stop. I never want to run out of dreams or faith or hope.