Why Worry?

When it comes to the landscape of my mind, worries grow like weeds. Ridding my thoughts of fear, doubt, or anxiety does not come easily for me. I’ve always had a tendency to entertain worry. It was my first imaginary … Continue reading

Happiness Takes Courage

Happiness takes courage. You have to be brave to surrender to joy. When every molecule of your being has been mourning—when loss has permeated and ruptured your heart—you must be dauntless to pursue mirth. You must find great multitudes of … Continue reading

Like Any Emotion

I’ve never seen my father loose his temper. I’ve never heard him raise his voice or witnessed his silent anger. Not once. Not ever. And while my mother was a more passionate presence in my life, I’ve never seen my parents … Continue reading

Gratitude Comes

Happiness is that temperate time when the wind doesn’t give me a chill and the sun doesn’t make me sweat. Gratitude comes on those frigid days when I retire to the warmth of my apartment.

Happiness is a good conversation that leaves me feeling heard. Gratitude comes with the thoughtful act or gift that helps me to feel remembered and loved.

Happiness is every shared smile, giggle, and laugh. I find gratitude in every pain or tear someone else takes the time to understand or recognize.

Happiness is the song that sings into exactly what I’m feeling. My gratitude is for the dance, the working limbs, the healthy body—moving.

Happiness is being fearless.

Gratitude is having nothing to fear.

Happiness has many destinations.

Gratitude is the journey there.