5 Lessons I Learned Watching the PyeongChang Olympics

I have always enjoyed watching the Olympics. I hope to experience them in person one day. The Olympic Games encompass everything I love about sports: excellence in athletic ability, underdogs defying odds, newcomers, veterans, national pride, international unity, and all … Continue reading

Young at Heart

You can be both mature and young at heart.

You can have a balanced budget and still enjoy stomping through puddles in your galoshes.

Just because you have bills to pay doesn’t mean you can’t use your tongue to catch a snowflake.

Work hard, but leave space in your life for play.

Grow up, but don’t throw your dreams away.

Try to keep crumbs and concerns out of your bed.

Don’t loose your imagination with your imaginary friends.

Play. Laugh. Dance. Be silly.

Take naps.

Get lost in daydreams.

Be an adult who ambitiously pursues fun.

Play is important work that needs to get done.