Some Friends

Some friends save your life. They are rays of light piercing the darkness of a difficult time. When the sadness is deep, they are a familiar and comforting voice to which you can cling. Sometimes they lead you out of the storm. Sometimes they simply stand by your side in the downpour. They readily accept it all—your tears, fears, anger, and laughter.

Some friends are the best kind of mirror—forgiving faults and highlighting what makes you special, reminding you of the strength and courage you sometimes lose along the way, giving you the gentle nudge (or strong kick in the pants) you need to get unstuck. These friends lovingly encourage you to grow, but they also accept who you are right now.

Some friends know you better than you know yourself or cheer you on when you’re starved for confidence. They are support when you stumble and a spotlight when you succeed. They give unconditional love and loving honesty.

Some friends are good medicine, others are safe shelter from the assaults of the world. They offer hugs, love, advice, and a shoulder to lean or cry on. They look out for you, listen to you, and always make room. They are family of the heart and mind; they are the kin you choose.

I’m so grateful for the friends that have helped me know myself, find joy, or discover my purpose. I am thankful for the tears they let me cry and the laughter they have helped me find. A good friend can indeed save (and sweeten) your life.

Version 2

Sometimes they simply stand by your side in the downpour.

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