Letter to My Past Self

Dear My Past Self,

This letter is to thank you for all that you have done on my behalf. Thank you for every difficult decision you made, the hard work you did, and all the tough things you endured without giving up. Thank you for investing in me, for moving towards me, for believing in me.

We are strangers, and yet we are eternally connected. I hope that I exceed your expectations. I hope that you didn’t spend too much time worrying about me and got to enjoy your time. I hope that my life is one of gratitude—that living, loving, and enjoying the good is how I best thank you.

Without you I would not be, and I would not be myself. I am full of your experiences. I am wiser because of the mistakes you made. I am happier because of every good thing you sought out and retained. I am stronger for every obstacle you surmounted and storm you sustained. So for everythinggood, hard, bad, or beautifulI thank you. I think of you often when I look towards the future.

Letter to My Past Self by aabsofsteel


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