Every Dichotomy

I spend a lot of my life straddling a dichotomy. I am simultaneously assured of my greatness and afraid of my mediocrity. I am at once full of despair and hope for our world and our country. I am both horrified by the hatred and violence people thrust on each other and amazed by our potential for greatness, love, and generosity.

Listening to the news I get inspired and angry. I believe and distrust everyone and everything. I’m sad, confused, certain, and happy. I’m raring to go, but I’m all out of energy. Some of my glasses are full while others are empty.

I love it here and wish I lived somewhere else. I want to do more, and I want to do less. I half expect the worst while wholly hoping for the best. Everything feels like a frivolous game and a crucial test.

So much of life lies in two opposing forces. I have faith and I have doubt—in myself, mankind, and God. I feel weak and strong—safe and vulnerable. I enjoy my family and friends and want to be alone. I see the black and white and gray and vibrant colors. I’m completely relaxed and tightly wound. Every dichotomy generates tension.

Every Dichotomy by aabsofsteel

Night pulls against day as day pulls against night.


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