I Wish for You

I wish for you a life full of loveliness. Whether or not you possess a great amount of wealth, I hope you have unlimited supplies of joy, love, and laughter. I wish for you a lifetime of feeling at peace with who you are and where you are. I hope that you can regularly pause, smile to yourself, and know that there is no other place you’d rather be.

I wish for you the type of contentment that leaves plenty of space for others to thrive and little room for envy. I hope you can joyfully pursue your goals—perhaps even struggling to reach—amongst those who are realizing their dreams. I wish for you all kinds of love—from family, from friends, from yourself—inward and outward. I hope that you can find and maintain peace from your core to your extremities. And that you will know the pleasure of giving and receiving generosity.

I wish for you courage. I hope that you are brave enough to speak up and defend your boundaries. I hope that you can declare your truth without apologies. Should your life become challenging, and should you ever feel overwhelmed, I wish for you wisdom, support, and strength. I hope that you never give up, but that is not to say that I hope you don’t rest.

I wish for you deep and dream-filled sleep. I wish for you luxurious naps. I hope that you can slow down to a comfortable pace no matter how fast the world is moving around you and mine the wealth within yourself.

I wish for you leisurely days full of sunlight or sweet-smelling rain. I hope you can walk barefoot on the grass or sand. I wish for you warmth in the cold and breezes on hot days. I hope your life is full of living. I hope your vitality never fades.

I wish for you days full of open doors. I hope your nights are soft and serene. I wish for you a world of abundance. I wish for you care and community.

I wish for you smiles into forever. I hope you see many dreams come true. I wish for you love in all directions—pouring in and out of you.


I Wish For You by aabsofsteel

I wish for you…


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