Your Imagination

Don’t pack away your imagination with your childhood toys.

Play with it daily.

Don’t keep it in storage.

Don’t set your imagination on a shelf that’s out of sight.

Don’t toss it into your junk drawer.

Or segregate it from your active mind.

Don’t let your imagination collect dust like a cheap souvenir.

Or abandon it like a once loved imaginary friend.

Exercise it daily.

Consume it like a feast.

Use it whenever you can,

Or it will become stiff like an arthritic knee.

You only outgrow your imagination when you cease to put it on.

You’ll only forget how to use it if you try to tone it down.

Your imagination is important.

It’s the vehicle to your dreams.

It’s a bridge to what you hope for.

It’s the link to what others can’t yet see.

Imagination is a form of flight.

It is a powerful tool.

It can transform any reality,

And take you anywhere you want to go.

When trying to move beyond how things are,

Contemplating what isn’t yet real is akin to creation.

If you want to change the world…

Knowledge is important,

But imagination is essential.


Your Imagination by aabsofsteel


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