How Can Anyone?

How can anyone watch snow fall

And not believe in miracles?

How can someone stand on the shore of the sea

And not ponder infinity?

How can anyone look at a star-filled sky

And accept that we end when we die?

How can someone study the intricacies of a flower

And conclude that humans are the highest power?

We can build skyscrapers,

But we can’t construct a tree.

We can heat and cool our homes,

But we can’t compel the seasons.

We can save a life,

But we can’t create one from scratch.

We can have more than enough,

But when asked to give say, “I can’t.”

We try to buy more time,

But can’t add a single second to our lives.

We try to make the world a better place,

But we’re just fixing human mistakes.

We keep having trouble with hate,

Because we’re still struggling with love.

We say God is dead or hiding,

But we’re looking with our eyes closed.

God isn’t hidden.

His tongue isn’t tied.

He’s obvious.

He’s subtle.

And His voice can be silence.


Version 3

“In the silence surrounding every call of ‘God’ wait a thousand replies of ‘Here I am.’” ~Rumi

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