True Love

True love transforms me.

Reminds me that I’m someone—

Not merely some thing.

True love is powerful.

It’s disarming.

True love is both genuine and charming.

Real love can soften a heart,

Embolden the timid,

And make warriors put their weapons down.

Real love is carefully and intentionally built––

Not shallow or instantaneous.

True love has deep roots and a strong foundation.

True love is warmth and illumination.

True love enjoys the sun and endures the storm.

True love stands firm when life’s tests come.

Real love can’t be muted.

It does not lie.

It protects the object of its affection.

Real love saves lives.

True, love is imperfect in human hands,

But it is still a worthy goal to grasp.

True love never fails to offers its best.

And can overlook any deficit.

Real love can’t be late.

It’s always on time.

Real love rewards patience.

Real love survives.


True Love by aabsofsteel

Love says I do and I will.


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