Through Stark White Snow

If I can’t walk along a sandy beach, let me trudge through stark white snow. What a satisfying sensation. What a scrumptious crunching sound.

If I can’t stand in the sun and bask in its strong heat, let me feel the push of a brisk wind. Let it inspire and invigorate me.

If I cannot feel the ocean gently lapping at my toes, let me catch a flake on my tongue. Let another land on my nose.

If I can’t sit in silence and let the quiet comfort me, let the noise I hear be laughter. And let there be joy in my company.

If I can’t lie under a cerulean sky or run through verdant grass, let me watch in warmth from my window as winter’s confetti falls en masse.

If I can’t stare at the shimmering ocean, let my world be cloaked in white. Let snow glaze everything like frosting—streets, trees, cars, buildings—opalescent in moonlight.

Let me find the gift in each season and learn contentment every month. Let me accept each day’s weather—whether sunny, rainy, cold, humid, or hot.

Let me invest in each moment and graciously accept what it endows. Let me not hasten time. Let me dwell in the now.


Juniper Valley Park after Jonas

Juniper Valley Park after Jonas


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