Which Gift?

I was recently asked which gift I wanted for Christmas: hope, joy, light, or peace—and to imagine my choice beautifully wrapped and waiting under the tree.

Which gift do I want? How can I pick just one? Call me selfish, but I want them all.

For Christmas, I want peace to sleep through the night—not awakening pre-dawn with worry about my family, the world, or my life.

I want joy to saturate my days and fill everything with happiness. And I don’t want the shadow of fear to loom in the distance.

I want hope for the world even in the face of incomprehensibly bad news. I want hope for humanity—hope for the future.

I want light to illuminate my mind and make me wise. I want to be able to shine into the darkness of another person’s life.

What do I want for Christmas? I want peace of mind to replace my worries and fearsand to let me stop trying to fix everything or plan for all potential problems and missteps.

I want joy to help me relish what I’ve been blessed with—joy that isn’t eclipsed by the worry that what’s good will be tarnished or taken.

I want light to eradicate the heaviness that sometimes weighs down my heart. I want to be so filled with light that I can’t fear the dark.

I want hope for today and hope for tomorrow. Hope that what is good will last and that what is painful will pass.

What do I want for Christmas? Hope, joy, light, and peace—I want all these gifts and the ability to share them generously. And that’s not it. I want one thing more. I want love. I want love to surround us all.

Which Gift?

Which gifts do you want?


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