The Beauty of the Night

Consider the beauty of the night, as you lay tucked in beneath a navy blanket of sky.

Study the stars—too numerous to count. A vast celestial army advancing across the dark front. Abundant enough to overwhelm the eyes, but deferring to any closer city lights. Still there, but hiding in plain sight.

They are a great choir singing a chorus of light. They are a trillion lanterns illuminating the night. They are evening’s jewelry, glimmering like diamonds scattered across the black sky.

Behold the pearlescent moon—like a fingernail, a football, or in full. The nocturnal opal. So stunning it seems mystical. Inspiring songs, poetry, and fables.

Soft light like a lullaby—a beautiful beacon for slumber. Presiding over dreams. Eliciting wonder.

Celestial majesty. A waxing and waning glow. Mirroring light from the sun, the moon shines like a woman in love.




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