A State of Wonder

There are many things in this world that elicit my awe. I marvel at the ingenuity of mankind as well as the simplicities and complexities of nature. But if I had to select just seven things that bring me to a state of wonder, I would choose the following (listed in no particular order):

The sun setting colors in motion, blending with each other, proclaiming then retracting their hues. Behold a new pattern every night—each sunset unique like a fingerprint—painting the sky anew.

Light beauty—the sunrise. Pastels emerging muddled, but not confused. The sky as artist and blank slate waiting for a muse. The sun speaks in hushed tones at first—just a hint of the inferno—slipping in like a whisper, then growing.

Nothing humbles me quite like the sea—its expanse, its power, its blue beauty. I easily lose track of my thoughts considering the horizon. The sound of breaking waves grounds me. Beaches capable of toe-tickling shallows progress to inscrutable depths. Parts temperate and calm, parts roiling as though incensed.

Healing and infectious, therapeutic and contagious, a good laugh is remedy for the exhausted, unhappy, or overwhelmed. It requires no translation or interpretation. Easy to understand, it is accessible to everyone. It is an invitation to joy and merriment. At its best, it is pure and kind. One can be dishonest with a smile, but laughter rarely lies.

Love is a magnanimous miracle—be it friendly, romantic, or familial. It is beautiful in all its shades, grades, and levels—the perpetual choosing to bear fondness for an imperfect other. It is restorative work and a beautiful burden—carrying another’s heart and entrusting someone else with your own.

Be it an owl, a sparrow, or an eagle in flight, to watch anything of weight soar as if weightless is inspiring. Taking to the air, unshackled by gravity. Dancing with the wind, communing with the clouds, ascending to heights those without wings can only dream of.

A sky so full of stars the night hardly seems dark. Celestial lights crowding the heavens—a shimmering orchestra of orbs. Distances too far to reach. Numbers too great to count. Space, infinite and vast, yet appearing close enough to touch. Infinity displayed in a luminous firmament. I feel appropriately small and utterly awestruck.


Grand Anse Sunset


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