Gratitude Comes

Happiness is that temperate time when the wind doesn’t give me a chill and the sun doesn’t make me sweat. Gratitude comes on those frigid days when I retire to the warmth of my apartment.

Happiness is a good conversation that leaves me feeling heard. Gratitude comes with the thoughtful act or gift that helps me to feel remembered and loved.

Happiness is every shared smile, giggle, and laugh. I find gratitude in every pain or tear someone else takes the time to understand or recognize.

Happiness is the song that sings into exactly what I’m feeling. My gratitude is for the dance, the working limbs, the healthy body—moving.

Happiness is being fearless.

Gratitude is having nothing to fear.

Happiness has many destinations.

Gratitude is the journey there.

One thought on “Gratitude Comes

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