And God Told Her

She told God she wasn’t sure he was there. God told her, “Be still and listen. I AM—forever and everywhere.” She told God she was worried and afraid. He told her, “Fear not. Put your faith in my name.”

She asked God if The Sadness would return. He promised to be with her through all of her emotions. She told God she sometimes felt uncomfortable in her own skin. He told her she came out exactly as he had intended—that she was beautiful to him.

She told God she was weak and inept. He told her his strength would make up the difference. She told God she felt insignificant and small. He told her that she could rest upon his shoulders.

She asked God to give her everything. He reminded her that she had more than she needed. She asked God if she’d ever be rich. He told her that love and joy were two of life’s most priceless gifts.

She told God she was falling behind on her dreams and finding it hard to catch up. God told her, “I receive you—as you will be, as you were, and as you are.”

She told God that she was soiled with sin. He told her to ask for forgiveness, and he’d give it. She told God she wasn’t worthy and listed all her faults, and God told her, “My grace is sufficient, and you are loved.”


5 thoughts on “And God Told Her

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