Fool’s Love

I am not an expert on love. I have fallen for its counterfeits and imposters before. I have learned that much as there exists fool’s gold in the world, there is fool’s love also.

Fool’s love is an illusion—a mirage. It is as thin as a whisper. It has no depth. It may appear to be solid. It may look large and swelling, but fool’s love cannot support the real weights of life. It dissolves when probed. It disperses when tested.

Fool’s love is more interested in things than human beings. It can’t handle the pressure of going deep. It is more about surface than substance. It feeds off of the superficial, the inconsistent, and the temporary. And so time is its enemy.

Fool’s love cares more about appearances than values. It relies on adornments rather than strong foundations.

Fool’s love is selfish. It takes; it does not give. Fool’s love is more jealous than joyful when a “loved” one wins.

Fool’s love is a feeling that’s afraid of commitment. It does not stand up to scrutiny or tolerate effort.

Fool’s love makes promises it cannot keep—it fools you into thinking infinitely sustained bliss is possible and comes easy. It can’t stomach the ups and downs of real life. It does not allow for sadness or anger, frustration or fear. It does not acknowledge struggles, flaws, or fights.

True love has weight. It is not for wimps; it takes courage and strength. True love sticks around through sickness, death, poverty, disaster, infertility, and unemployment. True love laughs with the joyful and stands with the mourning. True love—unlike fool’s love—doesn’t just go to the parties. True love sticks around and helps clean up when life gets dirty.

True love isn’t a test you can pass or fail, but you need to do the assigned work. (This work is rewarding.) It’s worth something.

True love goes deeper than appearances. It is multidimensional and unique. It is a solid structure—able to offer shelter and protection—secure enough to abide in.

It’s not hard to be fooled by fool’s love; it is very shiny. But once you get hold of the real thing, fool’s love becomes much less enticing.


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