Summer Is Here

Summer is here. Time to bare arms, don flowing skirts, and gird our eyes with sunglasses. Time to trade shoes and boots for sandals and flip-flops. Time for the sun to get about the business of heating things up—shining well into the night so that young children begrudgingly go to bed before the sky is tucked into darkness.

Summer is here. Windows open, air conditioners hum. Pale bodies lay supine and prone hoping to be colored in by the sun. People emerge to sit on their front steps and talk late into the thick warm night. Backyards become kitchens and grills throw up the pleasing smells of cooking burgers and barbeque chicken.

Summer is here. Time to kick off your shoes and walk barefoot through the grass. Feel the green of life tickle between your toes. This isn’t the season for hurry. Take the scenic route. Let the heat slow you down. Take yourself to the beach and daydream in the ocean’s cool, blue, salty embrace. Find a hammock with a view and a glass of lemonade.

Summer is here. Bring on the fruit! Let’s have our fill of nature’s answer to candy. What could be better than a shady spot with a bowl full of ripened berries? Who can be in a bad mood after eating a good mango? I’ll walk to the market with the sun on my face and my heart warm with hope. I can find the best parts of a summer day summed up in one exquisitely sweet nectarine or plum.

Summer is here. It is the season of freedom: offices vacated for vacations and summer Fridays, meals eaten outdoors (sometimes not even on tables), no more sweaters or jackets carried in case it gets cool, kids filling up parks and playgrounds—delighted to be released from school. Vibrant green trees and blue cloudless skies. Everything bright and full of life. Spring’s time has ended and autumn is still afar. Winter’s snow is inconceivable now. Go outside and get some fresh air. It’s a beautiful day. Summer is here!


3 thoughts on “Summer Is Here

  1. Wow, you have almost converted me. For a minute I was nodding my head and thinking yeah, summer is great! This is truly impressive A, bc J doesn’t do that heat so well, not so well at all. But really, the part about eating fruit and going to the market with hope was invigorating. You’re right. I got to get me some fruit!


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