If Mother’s Day Is Hard for You, Too…

We have something in common. For people like us, this day is bitter and sweet, or perhaps just bitter. We don’t eagerly anticipate this day; it isn’t circled on our calendar. We don’t spend time thinking up ways to celebrate. Whereas for many it is a special occasion, for us it’s mostly a day to get through…an occasion for sadness. The reasons are many and diverse. Perhaps your relationship with your mother is strained or irreparably broken and doesn’t elicit warm emotions. Maybe you have been trying to become a mother, but all your efforts have been met with frustration. Or it’s possible your mother was great, but death has put her fully in the past tense and all you have to celebrate are the memories of her. Perhaps it’s none of the above and a lot more complicated than any of that. Whatever the reasons, Mother’s Day is a difficult day for you. It is a day full of trap doors you hope to avoid falling through. An innocent question, a well-meaning wish, a revisited memory—all have the power to engender feelings of anger, disappointment, or sadness. If Mother’s Day is hard for you, too, here’s wishing a happy Day-After-Mother’s Day to you.


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