Movie Review: “Julie and Julia”

I finally watched “Julie & Julia.” It left me feeling both hungry for something drenched in butter, and full of wonder at what I should do with my life. Would I ever have a truly inspired idea with enough breadth and depth to support a blog that more than three people would read? And then maybe that blog could become or inspire a book. And then maybe that book could become a movie…directed by Nora Ephron, of course. I mean how else am I going to end up on Oprah? These are my modest dreams. Not really, but sort of.

But getting back to the movie…I found both of the stories so relatable. I remember watching Julia Child on pbs when I was a kid. As was true of most things I watched at that age (“like Saturday Night Live”), much of it was over my head, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Julia reminded me of a taller, white version of my grandmother in Grenada, I suppose the resemblance being a joyfully enthusiastic voice and a great amount of skill in the kitchen. It wasn’t until I was older that I learned more of the back-story to Julia’s life—that she wasn’t born knowing how cook an exceptional meal. That she had once been a bored woman without a job looking for something to do…albeit in Paris, which seems like an unfair advantage.

So I guess I need to cook something using copious amounts of butter. And then perhaps I can figure out what to do with my life.


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