Leggo My Eggo

Now that I don’t have a job, I have time for waffles in the morning. But the last three or four trips to the grocery store, I have found the waffle section completely devoid of Eggo waffles. I was baffled. Entire shelves where the Eggos should have been were empty. I began to think it was a Stop & Shop conspiracy aimed at getting me to buy the store brand (which isn’t nearly as good). But today, I unexpectedly found myself in a D’Agostino’s in search of vanilla ice cream for a dinner FF and I were having with friends, and I decided to check for waffles. They had a few boxes of Eggos. But what really caught my attention was the sign mentioning a nationwide shortage of Eggo products. A nationwide shortage of Eggo products!? I had to know more. Apparently one of their bakeries flooded and their largest bakery is undergoing renovations. According to their website, Eggo anticipates that stores will be fully stocked by the middle of the year.

So I am now in possession of what I can only imagine is a very valuable box of buttermilk Eggo waffles. Maybe I should have bought two boxes.


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